Growing up in a Christian home and being a pastor's child  was very difficult. I wanted to just be an ordinary child, but I realized that I had to pay a price for a parent that has been called by God. As well as the anointing God has placed on my own life. I share my story of growing up in a deliverance ministry church and battling whether or not I wanted to be a follower of Christ. 


Also, at a young age  I was bullied, molested, and had to deal with the emotions of missing my biological dad. Church was supposed to be my place for peace, but my church family and even my family members did not support me. The one true person who was in my corner, my mom, I had almost lost. 


“Overcoming the Journey: Battle of the Mind” is my journey through my life storms and finding my identity and God.


Overcoming the Journey: Battle of the Mind