Are you experiencing a layover of your blessings? Do you know what it means to have the favor of God over you when you obey him? I want you to know and believe that you deserve God's favor. Remain laser-focused while you are in a waiting season.


“I am Favored, Focused, and Fierce” is a 50-day devotional of powerful positive affirmations providing strategies that we can incorporate in our lives so we will not give up or cancel out on life's purpose when problems arise. Understanding that we get older each year and our issues change as we do; God reminds us that he will never leave nor forsake us.

Reaffirm yourself daily. You are favored. You are blessed. Stay focused on your goals. You are fervent and God’s strength makes you fierce.

"I am Favored, Focused, and Fierce" a book of affirmation