“Four States of Abuse” is my personal journey of experiencing abuse from my childhood to adulthood. I did not know that I was being abused at times, but it was abuse, mental and physical. I was born in the south. Sheltered from society. Taught to not question adults.


At a young age, I found out that my mother did not want me and sent me to live with my Aunt and Uncle, who did not have kids. It was here that I was closed off from the world, shelter from society. I was made to follow commands without question or hesitation.


Country-south, sheltered from things, did not know of common knowledge. Being an only child-sense of innocence was not exposed to life took everything at face value because I did not know. Being the only child there was no one really there to educate me about the way life should be. I did not question what people did or say


Through my story, I hope to inspire people to get out of their situations and seek help.

Four State of Abuse